Wood Fence

There's nothing like wood for natural warmth and beauty. Alpha Fence offers a variety of classic wood fencing styles in cedar, pressure-treated lumber. Pressure-treated wood contains chemicals that resist insects, rot and decay; cedar and redwood are naturally resistant.

Board on Board
Shadow Box
Special Fence

Enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Find peace and quiet in every part of your property. Your home is your castle. Your new fence will:


  * Give your children a safe place to play.

   * Enclose your back or side yard to keep pets in or out.

   * Fence in your front yard to control traffic and protect your landscaping.

   * Enhance the beauty of your home.

   * Construct an enclosure to give your pets their own exterior space.

   * Mark your property boundaries.  "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors".

   * Separate the back yard from the sides or front.

   * Give yourself some well deserved privacy to better enjoy your own living space.

   * Fence in your swimming pool.

   * Add beauty to your personal recreation center.